The Basics



You must navigate to the "Setup" page to configure the entire application after installing all the dependencies. For setting up the database, email clients, and first "Super Administrator" account, we provided a GUI. This setup page makes it simple to set up the fundamental procedure and begin work.


Setup Process

Step - 1

Click on the installation button to start the procedure.

Step - 2

Follow these setups for easy configuration.

  • Click on ENV and choose Custom. Enter name in lowercase.
  • Enter you App/Website Name-vaahcms
  • Database Type-MySQL
  • Database Name-Enter your database name
  • Database Username-root

After clicking on the Test Data connection then click on the save & next button.

Database Configuration
DebugDrop-downFrom this drop-down selection, you must choose your application's "debug" mode.
Time-zoneSearchable Drop-downYou may look up and select your application's time zone using this drop-down.
App/Website NameInputYou have to enter the name of your application or website here.
Database TypeDrop-downYou must select the database for your application from this drop-down selection.
Database HostInputEnter the IP address of your database host here.
Database PortInputEnter the active port for your database here.
Database NameInputEnter the database name for your application here.
Database UsernameInputEnter your database's username here.
Database PasswordInputEnter your database's password here.
Mail Configuration
Mail ProviderDrop-downFrom thin drop-down selection you must chose your mail provider client.
Mail DriverInputEnter your mail driver here.
Mail HostInputEnter your mail provider's host here.
Mail PortInputEnter your mail provider's port here.
Mail UsernameInputEnter your username here.
Mail PasswordInputEnter your password here.
Mail EncryptionDrop-downFrom this drop-down selection you must chose your mail's encryption type.
From NameInputEnter your from name here.
From EmailInputEnter your from email here.

After fill-up the form you click on the Test Mail Configuration button to ensure that your given credentials are right.

Step - 3

Click Migrate & Run Seed button to run the migration and seeds.
basically, migrate and seed create a table in the database and generate important files in vaahCMS.

After clicking on Migrate & Run Seeds then you get a dialog box.

Click on Proceed button then click on the Save & Next button.

Step - 4

Download the Dependencies.
These dependencies create a theme and module. Click on Download & Install Dependencies button then click on Save & Next button.

Step - 5

Now create a new super administrator account.

Fill all the details and Click on Create Account button then click on Go to Backend Sign in button.

VaahCMS is ready for login

After login interface.

For more understanding, you can watch bellowed attached video.

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