Vaahcms 2x



Improve your productivity via quick command generator

Make sure you have installed VaahCLI from following command:

npm i vaah -g

Use following command to install VaahCMS

npx vaah cms:install

Use following command to generate Module:

npx vaah cms:m

Use following command to generate CRUD:

npx vaah cms:crud

Use following command to generate Theme:

npx vaah cms:t

Use following command to generate Auth for Theme:

npx vaah cms:auth

Some Important Commands For Module

migrationnpx vaah cms:m-make migration <module-name> <migration-name>
seednpx vaah cms:m-make seed <module-name> <seed-name>
modelnpx vaah cms:m-make model <module-name> <model-name>
controllernpx vaah cms:m-make controller <module-name> <controller-name>
viewnpx vaah cms:m-make view <module-name> <name>
middlewarenpx vaah cms:m-make middleware <module-name> <middleware-name>
observernpx vaah cms:m-make observer <module-name> <observer-name>
traitnpx vaah cms:m-make trait <module-name> <trait-name>
testnpx vaah cms:m-make test <module-name> <test-name>
eventnpx vaah cms:m-make event <module-name> <event-name>
listenernpx vaah cms:m-make listener <module-name> <listener-name>
mailnpx vaah cms:m-make mail <module-name> <mail-name>
notificationnpx vaah cms:m-make notification <module-name> <notification-name>

Some Important Commands For Theme

migrationnpx vaah cms:t-make migration <theme-name> <migration-name>
seednpx vaah cms:t-make seed <theme-name> <seed-name>
modelnpx vaah cms:t-make model <theme-name> <model-name>
controllernpx vaah cms:t-make controller <theme-name> <controller-name>
viewnpx vaah cms:t-make view <theme-name> <view-name>
middlewarenpx vaah cms:t-make middleware <theme-name> <middleware-name>
observernpx vaah cms:t-make observer <theme-name> <observer-name>
traitnpx vaah cms:t-make trait <theme-name> <trait-name>
testnpx vaah cms:t-make test <theme-name> <test-name>
eventnpx vaah cms:t-make event <theme-name> <event-name>
listenernpx vaah cms:t-make listener <theme-name> <listener-name>
mailnpx vaah cms:t-make mail <theme-name> <mail-name>
notificationnpx vaah cms:t-make notification <theme-name> <notification-name>

For more commands visit: vaahcli

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