Environment variables


Environment variables are values that impact the processes and behavior of vaahCMS, it may access the values for configuration purposes. Visit following url you will see all the Environment variables that is inside .env.custom file.


Below Image is an example of .env.custom file


Add New Environment Variables

For adding a variable we need to scroll down, at the bottom-right corner a text field with a button will be visible to us. like below image :

Until the field is null Add Env Variable button will be disabled. Once variable name is entered,button will be enabled and after clicking it will add new environment variable to the list and .env.custom file.

To save the list with newly added environment variable you need to click on save button Then a warning confirmation will come just like below image:

Watch below video for better understanding.

You can observe every letter and spaces are converted to uppercase and "_" respectively to reduce error during using as it will affect environment of the project.

Other features

In the blue colour tag active env file name is written.

At the top-right corner a download button will be visible, by clicking it .env.custom file will be downloaded.

Besides Download button a refresh button is there, through which you can reload the environment variables list.

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