Media Section is a collection of your image, audio, and Flash files used to enhance your website. Media Section can also generate all sorts of conversions. Using the blog post example, you probably don't want to display the original image in a list of blog posts. It's more likely that you want to show a thumbnail, on such a list.

Create Media

Visit following url you will see the Media section:

  • Now you have to create a Media by click on Create button. You will see a create page with following field.
  • Fill all Fields and upload a file. Click on Create & New button. media2
  • Now you can see your uploaded media files in table
  • Now you can see the file in View Page and view the Original file and Thumbnail file by click on that icon.
  • You can update media file details like Name, Title, Alternate Text, Caption and Is this a downloadable media? by clicking on Updated icon.
  • You can Trash media files by clicking on the Trash icon. And your file saves into trash
  • You can Delete your media files by selecting your media file checkbox and top of the media table there is a delete option to delete files. you can delete one file at a time and you can delete all file

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