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Reasons I Take More Time In Crud


  1. Selecting the projectenviornment and i have to select multiple enviornments for the same projects after selecting the project(s) and there enviornment i have to attach these with there project id and the enviornment and send it to the backend to store in the Pivot table and i have to follow the same procedure for the users also.
  2. I also try to upload the file using the VaahCMS fileuploader and apparently it have some bugs and some time wasted on that.
  3. When i try to use faker and fill method have to get the data from the backend in a manner that the project and enviornment will align in the create form and as for the user also.
  4. For the Edit option i have to convert the whole data into the requirment of the create form.
  5. I have change the UI three times of the create from which takes lots of time.
  6. This is my first time to handle this type of project and due to lack of time managment i did not manage the time correctly and in future i will make sure that i do not face this type of the Problems.
  7. I will create my own deadline before starting the project, so that that I will manage time perfectly.
  8. And i will start practicing some codes at home for the differnt UI so i future it will not take much time in the future.

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