Getting Started

Points to Improve VaahCMS Module


  1. We Should add a practice project to the module in which: We can practice how the two fields data can be attached in the create form and add this data in the pivot table the create id when we create a form.
  2. We have one session for everyone who is learning the VaahCms to let them teach how the data flow work in the VaahCms.
  3. We should know how the Faker and fill method work in the VaahCms.
  4. While Training for the VaahCms we should have given different different type of the UI for the create form
  5. Some of the practical given for the VaahCms should be tested by the tester because then in future we know what kind of error we could face in the actual project
  6. Practice with the codes with the different different condtions.
  7. Before starting work on the project we should create the Wireform for the UI and for the Database to better understand the Project Requirment.
  8. We should create more video tutorial for the VaahCms features to better understand the product.

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