This feature is to self updation of vaahCMS.

Visit following url you will see the update section:


The update page is looks like below image:


How to update from backend

By clicking Check for update button, which is present in the top-right corner will check in backed.

If there is any version difference occur then it will suggest for update like below image:

If the version difference is very high it will suggest update manually. Like below image:

If version is same then it will show like below :

This video will help you to understand the process of auto update

How to update by terminal

If you want to update VaahCMS by terminal run this command in your project base directory

This will upgrade your project to the latest version

Step 1: Update

composer update

Below video for better understanding.

After running the composer update you need to run these commands.

Step 2: Publish assets
This command will update vaahcms/public/vaahcms/backend files.

php artisan vendor:publish --provider='WebReinvent\VaahCms\VaahCmsServiceProvider' --tag=assets --force

Step 3: Publish config
This command will update vaahcms/config/vaahcms.php file.

php artisan vendor:publish --provider='WebReinvent\VaahCms\VaahCmsServiceProvider' --tag=config --force

Step 4: Publish migration
This command will add schema file into vaahcms/database/migrations.

php artisan vendor:publish --provider='WebReinvent\VaahCms\VaahCmsServiceProvider' --tag=migration --force

Step 5: Migrate
This command will migrate new schema file into database.

php artisan migrate

Visit following url to see the updated version:


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