No Service


The "No Service" option within the Internal Notifications service allows you to disable the use of any notification service for internal notifications.


When selecting the "No Service" option, the Internal Notifications service will provide empty implementations for all methods and streams.

The "No Service" option provides a way to disable notification services within the Internal Notifications service.

If you decide to choose no service or enable notifications in the future, you can easily do so by selecting the appropriate service and implementing the required methods.

Souce Code

import 'dart:async';

import './base_service.dart';
import '../../models/notification.dart';

class InternalNotificationsNoService implements InternalNotificationsService {
  final Stream<int> pendingNotificationsCountStream = const Stream.empty();

  final Stream<List<InternalNotification>> notificationsStream = const Stream.empty();

  List<InternalNotification> get notifications => [];

  Future<void> init() async {}

  Future<void> dispose() async {}

  Future<void> subscribe() async {}

  Future<void> unsubscribe() async {}

  Future<void> push(List<String> userIds, InternalNotification notification) async {}

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