Logging Service

Developer Guide
  • Developer should never use this service directly, use Logging Library instead.

Log types

Currently, three types of logging functions are there in abstract class LoggingService.

  1. event
  2. exception
  3. transaction
  • event is used to for log, info, success, and warning.
  • exception is used to for logging exceptions.
  • transaction is used to for logging transactions.


  • This service is abstract class and is used to implement different cloud services. e.g. Sentry, Google CrashAnalytics, etc.
  • Check here how can you add new cloud logging service.
  • This service defines basic structure for services which implements LoggingService so when different services are used in logging_library, they do provide basic functions needed.
import '../models/log.dart';

abstract class LoggingService {
  static logEvent({
    required String message,
    required EventType type,
    Object? data,
  }) =>

  static logException(
    dynamic throwable, {
    dynamic stackTrace,
    dynamic hint,
  }) =>

  static logTransaction({
    required Function execute,
    required TransactionDetails details,
  }) async =>
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