This file contains all the common constants which can be used in app.

List of available constants:

default padding and margin

  • defaultPadding (double)
  • defaultMargin (double)

How to use:

// import
import 'package:team/vaahextendflutter/helpers/constants.dart';

    padding: const EdgeInsets.all(defaultPadding),
    margin: const EdgeInsets.all(defaultMargin),

Common Widgets

  • const emptyWidget = SizedBox();
  • const emptyWidgetWide = SizedBox(width: double.infinity);
  • const emptyIconButton = SizedBox(width: kMinInteractiveDimension);

How to use?

    children: [

Layout Margins

  • We have horizontalMargin4, horizontalMargin8, horizontalMargin12, horizontalMargin16, horizontalMargin24, horizontalMargin32, horizontalMargin48

demo of source code

const horizontalMargin4 = SizedBox(width: 4.0);
  • We have verticalMargin2, verticalMargin4, verticalMargin8, verticalMargin12, verticalMargin16, verticalMargin24, verticalMargin32, verticalMargin48

demo of source code

const verticalMargin2 = SizedBox(height: 2.0);
  • We have sliverVerticalMargin4, sliverVerticalMargin8, sliverVerticalMargin12, sliverVerticalMargin16, sliverVerticalMargin24, sliverVerticalMargin32, sliverVerticalMargin48

demo of source code

const sliverVerticalMargin4 = SliverToBoxAdapter(child: SizedBox(height: 4.0));


Empty Paddings

  • We have emptyPadding

demo of source code

const emptyPadding =;

Horizontal Paddings

  • We have horizontalPadding4, horizontalPadding8, horizontalPadding12, horizontalPadding16, horizontalPadding24, horizontalPadding32, horizontalPadding48

demo of source code

const horizontalPadding4 = EdgeInsets.symmetric(horizontal: 4.0);

Vertical Paddings

  • We have verticalPadding0, verticalPadding2, verticalPadding4, verticalPadding8, verticalPadding12, verticalPadding16, verticalPadding24, verticalPadding32, verticalPadding48

demo of source code

const verticalPadding0 = EdgeInsets.symmetric(vertical: 0.0);

All Paddings

  • We have allPadding0, allPadding2, allPadding4, allPadding8, allPadding12, allPadding16, allPadding24, allPadding32, allPadding48

demo of source code

const allPadding2 = EdgeInsets.all(2.0);

Left Paddings

  • We have leftPadding2, leftPadding4, leftPadding8, leftPadding12, leftPadding16, leftPadding24, leftPadding32, leftPadding48

demo of source code

const leftPadding2 = EdgeInsets.only(left: 2.0);

Top Paddings

  • We have topPadding1, topPadding2, topPadding4, topPadding8, topPadding12, topPadding16, topPadding24, topPadding32, topPadding48

demo of source code

const topPadding1 = EdgeInsets.only(top: 1.0);

Right Paddings

  • We have rightPadding1, rightPadding2, rightPadding4, rightPadding8, rightPadding12, rightPadding16, rightPadding24, rightPadding32, rightPadding48

demo of source code

const rightPadding2 = EdgeInsets.only(right: 2.0);

Bottom Paddings

  • We have bottomPadding1, bottomPadding2, bottomPadding4, bottomPadding8, bottomPadding12, bottomPadding16, bottomPadding24, bottomPadding32, bottomPadding48

demo of source code

const bottomPadding1 = EdgeInsets.only(bottom: 1.0);


  • We have duration250milli, duration300milli, duration400milli, duration500milli, duration600milli, duration700milli, duration800milli, duration900milli, duration1000milli

demo of source code

const duration250milli = Duration(milliseconds: 250); // best suitable for animations

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