Develop Theme


The purpose of this tutorial is to develop a VaahCMS Theme for the management of blog with CMS Module.

Step 1: Install VaahCMS

Steps to install VaahCMS is available at Getting Started > Installation

Step 2: Install VaahCLI

Install NodeJs package VaahCLI globally, instructions are available at VaahCLI.

npm i vaah -g

VaahCLI will help you to quickly generate Module & Theme scaffolding.

You can effectively use the tool with Command Generator at Generators.

Step 3: Generate Theme

Let's call the theme as BlogTheme. Open the command line tool & navigate to the project root folder or in PHPStorm open Terminal and to generate scaffolding for the theme, use following command:

npx vaah cms:theme

It will ask you following questions, answers also mentioned in red color:

  • Enter your theme name: BlogTheme
  • Enter meaningful title for your theme: Theme for Blog
  • Enter your theme description: Blog
  • Enter Author name: Vaah
  • Enter Author email:
  • Enter author website:
  • Enter download URL: (don't enter anything, just press enter)
  • Do you want to run migration when activated (true/false): true
  • Will your theme contains sample data (true/false): true

Once this step is complete, it will generate a new folder at VaahCMS > Themes > BlogTheme.

Now, you actually activate the theme by visiting following URL:


Once, the theme is activated, you will be able to see the "BlogTheme" on Public url.


You will see the view generated from the following blade file


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