Getting Started



It is often found that applications are required to be configured for multiple environments and VaahCMS makes it easy to keep the configures for all the environments. By default, VaahCMS inspires from gitflow naming convention for the environments. During the setup of VaahCMS you need to choose the Env which represent environment for which you're setting up the application. It has following options:

  1. Custom (Features branch): If multiple developer are developing features, in that case they can have their own .env file.
  2. Local (Features branch): This is when you're setting up the application on your local computer.
  3. Develop (Develop branch): This is when you're setting up the application on your development server.
  4. Staging (Release or Hotfix branch): When you want release certain feature or want to do hotfix before deploying the code to production.
  5. Production (Master branch): Live/Production application.

Environment Configuration

Once the VaahCMS setup is complete, it generates a vaahcms.json file on the root of the project folder. vaahcms.json file contains the APP_URL of different environments and respective env files.

Environmentenv File
Release or Hotfix.env.staging

You can manage the .env variable from the backend control panel from Settings > Env Variables.

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