Improve your productivity via quick command generator

Make sure you have install VaahCLI from following command:

npm i vaah -g

Use following command to generate module:

vaah cms:m

Use following command to generate theme:

vaah cms:t

Module Theme Routes

migrationvaah cms:m-make migration <module> <name>
seedvaah cms:m-make seed <module> <name>
modelvaah cms:m-make model <module> <name>
controllervaah cms:m-make controller <module> <name>
viewvaah cms:m-make view <module> <name>
middlewarevaah cms:m-make middleware <module> <name>
observervaah cms:m-make observer <module> <name>
traitvaah cms:m-make trait <module> <name>
testvaah cms:m-make test <module> <name>
eventvaah cms:m-make event <module> <name>
listenervaah cms:m-make listener <module> <name>
mailvaah cms:m-make mail <module> <name>
notificationvaah cms:m-make notification <module> <name>