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This section provides information about the CMS modules

We will be using Vue & Vuex because this is where the real power of VaahCMS exist.

CMS Module is a simple, lightweight, and easy-to-use Content Management System for building professional websites. Typically CMS allows you to create a website without writing any code. Think of it like driving a car. You don’t need to understand the mechanics behind how it all works. Instead, you use a simplified dashboard and pedals to tell the car what to do.

Content Management Made Easy.

CMS Module is designed to help you place content on your website. Its provides a graphical user interface with tools to create, edit and publish web content without the need to write code from scratch.

This Module is not project specific, this can be reused across different projects.

  • Simple User Interface
  • Menu management
  • Management of Web Pages
  • Management of Web Templates
  • Management of Blog, News and Events

Benefits of using a CMS

There are a number of benefits to using a content management system, including:

  • Ease of use - Due to a graphical user interface, even those with limited technical knowledge can use the software.
  • Easy to manage content - Not only is creating content easy, but so is removing content. A CMS makes it easy to un-publish and publish content.
  • Easy to scale - A CMS makes it easy to add new web pages without the need for a developer.
Manual Download

You can manually download the setup files, from following link:

Download CMS Module

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