This is a guide to maintain a consistent and industry stand code in Vue.

How to Debug

Important things you should know when you are deal with Vuejs.

I make this documentation to save your debugging time and you can easily find the common error.

  • If you are using Axios for HTTP requests then browser console will help you a lot to find the common error related to get request, post request, etc.
  • If you are trying to debug the error in Vuejs then the Vue.js Devtool help you download the extension in your browser.

Some minor mistake

  1. Define the API endpoint very carefully otherwise it takes a lot of time to find the error.
  2. You can share your project on the internet using the below command.
for vue :-npx vite --host
for laravel:-php artisan serve --host=your ip address   
//Open cmd and type command  ipconfig to know your ip

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