Common Issues

  • White Screen after App Restart : This is a known issue and only occurs in development mode. If there is a white screen after the app restarts, please close the app and start it again.
  • App not connecting to the server : If the app is not connecting to the server, please check the server URL in the app settings. If the server URL is correct, please check the server status and the internet connection.
  • Video Processing Error : If there is an error while processing the video, please check the video format and the internet connection. If the error persists, please check ffmpeg is correctly installed and the path is set in the environment variables.
  • Videos not uploading to the server : If the videos are not uploading to the server, please verify the folder permissions.
  • Socket Hangup Error : If there is a socket hangup error, please restart the server and the app.

Debugging Techniques

  • Debugging the VaahShare App :
    • Currently, you can run only single instance of the app in production mode. you can run multiple instances in development mode.
    • If you want to run multiple instances with different user_host then you can run :
      npm run dev-electron
  • Debugging the Vaah Socket Server :
    • Sometimes the local server may cause caching issues or you want to test the server efficiently then you can expose the local server to the internet using ngrok.
    • The steps to expose the local server to the internet using ngrok are as follows:
      • Download and install ngrok from ngrok.
      • Run the following command in the terminal:
      ngrok http 3000
      • The server will be exposed to the internet and you will get a public URL.
      • You can use this public URL in the app settings to connect to the server.

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